Personal Training

Personal Training

1-HOUR Sessions

Level 1* Level 2*
per session per session
    1 session $66     1 session $70
   6 session $57    6 session $61
 12 sessions $51  12 sessions $55
24 sessions $45 24 sessions $49

* Trainer Levels are determined by education, years of experience and managerial responsibilities.

Reach All Your Fitness Goals, Lose Weight, Get Motivated

The Upper Valley Aquatic Center offers the most affordable personal training in the Upper Valley. You will not find a better value for your money. People LOVE our trainers! They make special connections with their clients and that keeps everyone working harder. With a Membership you get one FREE Fitness Center Orientation including equipment tutorials and free-weight exercises. Get the support you need and the positive benefits you can’t find when exercising alone. Work one-on-one, with a friend or in Small Group Training like Shed and Shred where you work with a personal trainer and a group to reach your specific fitness goals.

NOW Available
Our Aquatic Personal Training is a proactive approach to getting into exercise or recovering from an injury. Aquatic exercises are safe, effective, and fun for all ages and athletic abilities. To register or for more information, call Kathleen Danforth at 802-296-2850 ext 104 or email [email protected]

Private Pilates personal training can be scheduled with Jenny Armstrong. The essentials of Pilates with the Reformer machine. Sculpt long, lean muscles and challenge your core for a noticeable difference in your posture. To register or for more information, call Jenny Armstrong at 802-296-2850 ext 104 or email [email protected]

Your MyZone Activity tracker keep records of ALL your workouts with an easy to use app on your smart phone.  It keeps track of your heart rate percentages, calories burned, and MyZone Effort Points (MEPs)!  MEPs are used to make your effort normalized based on age and gender. If you have any questions call 802-296-2850 ex 112 or email [email protected]

Get Started

Individual Personal Training Prices

Available in 60 minute sessions. Train by yourself or with a friend. There is REAL proof that working with a Personal Trainer can help you get more done faster with results that will last longer. Create a fitness routine with expert advice and support to keep you motivated to exercise. We offer a variety of personal training modalities, including personal training in the pool and using the Pilates Reformers as well.

Everyday is a new opportunity to start your fitness success!

  • Get stronger
  • Lose weight
  • Get motivated
  • Try new exercises and routines
  • Train for a sport or race
  • Prepare for surgery or birth
  • Learn correct techniques
  • Learn healthy eating strategies
  • Reduce back, knee or shoulder pain
  • Improve posture
  • Increase bone mass

Personal Training Packages

Shed & Shred Small-Group Training

Get motivated, get results! Register in advance for this 8-week session. Work with up to six individuals and a Personal Trainer to see serious results in your overall strength, cardiovascular health and nutrition fundamentals. All participants will receive 10% off the next 8 week Small-Group Training Session, and overall winners will get 3 FREE Personal Training Sessions!

What to expect during your first personal training session:

  • Health history questionnaire
  • Discussion about what you hope to get out of your membership
  • Simple flexibility and movement assessment
  • Personalized strength and cardio exercises


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