Private Pilates Reformer Personal Training

Notice the Difference in Your Posture

Private Pilates personal training can be scheduled with Jenny Armstrong. Learn the essentials of Pilates with the Reformer machine. Sculpt long, lean muscles and challenge your core for a noticeable difference in your posture. To register or for more information, call Jenny Armstrong at 802-296-2850 ext 104 or email [email protected]

Available in 30 and 60 minute sessions

Number of Sessions Price per 30-Minute Session Price per 60-Minute Session
1 session $42 $80
6 sessions $40 $70
12 sessions $38 $64
24 sessions $36 $58
48 sessions $34 $56
96 sessions $32 $52

Individualized attention to your specific goals.
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Dates & Pricing


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Member Price:

Single 30-minute session: $42
Single 60-minute session: $80
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