CPR/AED First Aid Certification/Re-Certification Adult and Pediatric

CPR For ALL Your Lifesaving Needs

This course is designed for regular people who want to learn how to save lives in an emergency. This course is also made for those looking to be re-certified to have the latest protocols on how to save a life.

Prerequisite: Complete the 2.5 hour online course that is sent out one week prior to the start of the course (online materials can be sent out earlier than one week upon request). **This is a blended learning class and requires access to a computer to enroll**

Dates & Pricing



May 19 Sunday 10am-12pm
June 16 Sunday 10am-12pm
August 18 Sunday 10am-12pm
September 29 Sunday 10am-12pm


Sunday 10am-12pm

Member Price:

Fee is $130 - Pick one day

Non-Member Price:

Fee is $130 - Pick one day

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Refund Policy

A non-refundable payment reserves your spot in the course with the following exceptions:

  1. If UVAC or the Red Cross cancels the program (including for weather) we will issue a FULL refund
  2. If the enrolled student does not pass the swim test, they will be given a three-month grace period to take another course, but no money will be refunded
  3. If the student cancels with LESS THAN A TWO WEEK notice, only a 50% refund will be issued or the student may choose a full credit for the next class
  4. If the enrolled student does not pass the course upon completion of all sessions they will be given a 10% discount to take another course, but no money will be refunded
  5. A class can only be deferred one time.  After one deferral the course must be completed or the student voids the registration.


  1. American Red Cross courses will meet in the lobby of UVAC, at their designated time, unless otherwise directed.
  2. E-learning materials will be disseminated 7 days prior to the course. E-learning materials come from phsSALESFORCE and often end up in your spam folder. If you do not receive your e- learning materials, please contact Ashley Ellis at [email protected] for assistance.
  3. Please utilize Google Chrome for your e-learning materials as other platforms do not interface well.
  4. E-learning materials take between 2-7 hours to complete depending on the course.
  5. You must show proof of e-learning completion in order to gain admittance into the class. The Red Cross system is designed to show instructors you progress, however, it is not always accurate. Please screenshot your completion certificate at the end of the course.
  6. As part of your class, you will receive a digital copy of the course handbook.
  7. You MUST attend the scheduled class in its entirety.
  8. Be prepared-bring a drink and a snack (or lunch if you are taking a lifeguard course). Glass containers are prohibited on UVAC premises.
  9. For the lifeguard course, specifically, a swimsuit is required. Please make sure that it is secure.
  10. Also for the lifeguard class, bring a few changes of clothes and a few towels. This will make you more comfortable.
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