Adult Beginner Swim

Specialized Group Instruction for Adults and Teens +14

Adult Beginner Lessons

If you have never learned to swim, our Beginner Lessons would be best. Class takes place in our Warm Water Pool until the class is comfortable enough to work in the Competition Pool. If you are fearful of getting into a deep pool or cannot swim 50 yards freestyle, this is the place for you. If you are still learning to swim several laps at at time, the Advanced Beginner Swim is recommended for you.

What some new swimmers had to say…

“Just wanted to let you know how much I loved the adult beginners swim classes. It took a mini freak-out moment during a Caribbean snorkeling excursion to realize I should probably learn to swim and be comfortable in deep water. I now feel comfortable and know I can be safe in the water.”

“I had a fear of swimming for several years until I enrolled in the adult learn to swim lessons at UVAC. The swim instructors were super friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. With a group of fellow learners, learning to swim was a lot of fun! I never thought I’d enjoy swimming so much or be able to swim unsupervised, thank you so much UVAC for helping me overcome the fear!”

“I completed two sessions and am now enrolled in the Masters class with Barbara. Although I don’t plan to enter any meets or swim competitively, I do hope to become a distance swimmer one day.”

Adult Beginner Classes focus on:

Develop comfort in the water
Basic swimming techniques with face submersion and breath control
Learn Body Balance
Front and back floats and glides
Learn to tread water
Learn a proper kick
Refine good air exchange (breathing)
Develop efficient freestyle technique
Additional stroke work (breast stroke and back stroke)
Build confidence!

Dates & Pricing


Five 6-week sessions throughout the school year!

Fall Session 1
Sept 11 – Oct 22
Fall Session 2
Oct 30 – Dec 17 • Registration opens Tuesday 10/24 @ 7:00pm
(No lessons M-Sun Thanksgiving Week)
Winter Session 1
Jan 2 – Feb 12 • Registration Opens Tuesday 12/19 @ 7:00pm
Winter Session 2
Feb 26 – April 7 Registration Opens Tuesday 2/14 @ 7:00pm
Spring Session
April 15 – May 26 Registration Opens Tuesday 4/9 @ 7:00pm


Wednesday 6:15 – 7:00pm • Warm Water Pool


$132/ 6-wk session

for both Member/Non-Member

Not a member? Find out more!
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