PALS for Life

PALS for Life Welcomes Anyone Who Has Been Affected by Breast Cancer

A FREE safe and effective research-based Small Group Training Program for Breast Cancer Survivors following the University of Pennsylvania PAL (Physical Activity and Lymphedema Study) protocol. PALS for Life welcomes anyone who has been affected by breast cancer. A doctor referral and consultation with a physical therapist is required to participate. PALS for Life welcomes anyone who has been affected by breast cancer, with a doctor referral and physical therapy consult after 6-8 weeks post radiation and/or chemotherapy.


Who Is PALS For?

Upper Valley Aquatic Center wants PALS for Life to bring safe and effective research-based exercise to as many breast cancer survivors as possible! PALS for Life welcomes anyone who has been affected by breast cancer (6-8 weeks post radiation, post chemotherapy). All survivors are encouraged to stay active. Strength training, if performed correctly and with proper guidelines, is very safe and extremely beneficial for those who have, or may be at risk for lymphedema.

How Can I Participate?

  • If you have been affected by breast cancer
  • Doctor referral and Physical Therapist consult required
  • Must have finished chemotherapy and radiation (6-8 weeks)
  • 6-8 weeks post radiation and/or chemotherapy
  • Register by contacting Erin Buck [email protected] or call 802-296-2850 ext 112

What is Lymphedema?

It is caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system that can occur after breast cancer surgery-and/or radiation treatment. The blockage prevents lymph fluid from draining well and, as fluid builds up, swelling occurs. Experts estimate that 5% to 40% of women will experience some level of lymphedema after breast cancer surgery. The PALTrials sought to examine the role of weightlifting both of breast cancer survivors with and at risk for lymphedema. The study found that a slow progressive weightlifting regimen allowed women to put activity back into their daily lives and did not increase their risk of developing lymphedema. In fact, women with lymphedema saw a significant decrease in the size of their affected arm and were better able to complete activities of daily living.

PALS Is Changing Lives

  • “This program had been pivotal for me to regain some of myself, both mentally and physically after diagnosis and treatment. I am getting stronger and more resilient, like there’s actually some hope that I can get back to my old self,  but even better! It’s helped me with my lymphedema as well! I found the structure and pace of the program to be very fitting for my abilities. And the wonderful friends that were made, it’s been amazing to say the least.”
    ~ Kendra B.
  • “I joined PALS shortly after finishing my cancer treatment three years ago when I was totally wiped out from chemo, radiation, and surgery and had no physical stamina. PALS gradually helped me get back my stamina and feel “normal” again. It is also a great way to connect with and help support other women who have been through breast cancer treatment. Erin is a wonderful teacher and leader! I am still regularly attending PALS and hope to continue going forward!”
    ~ Abbe B.
  • “PALS to me helped me recover my life. Made me younger actually. Took a health challenge and made me better. Gave me energy and flexibility I had lost and reminded me that physical activity was critical for a healthy life moving forward. Very affirming for women.”
    ~ Ellen D.
PALS for Life is a FREE grant funded program. Thanks to a generous donation from the Couch Family Foundation for supporting this program.

Donate to PALS TODAY!

Your generous donation helps breast cancer survivors emotionally and physically by helping to fund their participation in Breast Cancer Programs at UVAC.


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FREE UVAC Membership with full use of the facilities and equipment
FREE small group training
FREE land and aquatic fitness classes
Lymphedema Seminar provided by staff from Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

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PALS is FREE for members and non-members!

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