Firm, strong abs

TribeCORE™ trains the muscles around your deep torso, pelvis, hips, back, shoulders, and abdomen. As a result, workouts will leave you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs.

Intelligent movement

TribeCORE™ is the foundation of all training pathways. The program incorporates flexibility and stability training, this ensures structural longevity and powerful pain-free movement. TribeCORE™ Coaches will guide and support you every step of the way, motivating you to new levels of core strength and stability season after season.

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Like all TRIBE Team Training® programs, a new TribeCORE™ season is released every 8 weeks with new exercises, new music and new workout formulas, so you’ll never repeat a workout and will achieve more.

Whether you are looking to better your golf swing, improve your athletic performance, or look amazing in your bikinis and boardies – TribeCORE™ is the program for you.

2 workout sessions a week with TRIBE Coach
With an initial emphasis on deep core muscles, sculpt a sleek waistline but also forges a sturdy core radiating strength and stability.
For individuals of all fitness levels and diverse objectives, offering a versatile platform for transformation.
Myzone strap encouraged but not required
Improved mobility and flexibility
Improved strength and confidence
Registration begins four weeks from start date

Dates & Pricing


Season One Season Launch: January 15 – March 10
Season Two Season Launch: March 11 – May 5
Season Three Season Launch: May 6 – June 30
Season Four Season Launch: July 1 – August 25
Season Five Season Launch: Aug 26 – October 20th
Season Six Season Launch: October 21 – December 15
Holiday Season 24/25 Holiday Launch: December 16


Season 3: May 6 – June 30
M/F @ 11 am


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Non-Member Price:

$480 membership is included in this price

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