Healthy and Fit Lecture Series

2022-23 FREE Lecture Series

Brought to you by BE Fit Physical Therapy and the UVAC Personal Training staff. Lectures @ 7:15pm. Come dressed to exercise. Please RSVP to confirm availability with BE Fit Physical Therapy 802-359-7400 or [email protected]

Wednesday, June 21 @ 7:15pm
Rewiring the Brain for Weight Loss – Exploring the Neuroscience of Obesity

Learn how our brain is wired for unconscious decision making and its ability to sabotage healthy habits in the wrong environment. Our current food environment has an important impact on our evolutionary drive for food. Sleep, stress, and hormones affect our brains’ decision making and sense of satiety. It all adds up to clear opportunities for improving weight loss and maintenance. Find out how from Dr. Court Vreeland of the Vreeland Clinic! Please RSVP to confirm availability 802-359-7400 or [email protected]

Wednesday, August 9 @ 7:15pm
Dry Land Training for Swimmers

Learn land-based exercises to complement your swimming workouts. Reduce the risk of common swimming injuries and improve your speed/comfort in the water with Hannah Willcutt from BE Fit.

Wednesday September 13 @ 7:15pm
Total Joint Replacement Prep

Learn about the surgeries and what you can do beforehand to maximize the speed and success of your recovery, with BE Fit physical therapists.

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