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TribeKIDS™ involves exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do as their bodies grow – pull, push, run, jump, throw, climb and lift. Dedicated TribeKIDS™ Coach will motivate and coach our kids every step of the way encouraging them to new levels of fitness, strength and confidence season after season. A new season is released every eight weeks, with new exercises, new music and new workout formulas. Never repeat a workout which means our kids will achieve more. Let’s help our kids become fit, strong, healthy and confident. TribeKIDS™ will look after our kids every step of the way.

One 50-minute workout session per week with a TRIBE Team Trainer
Workouts incorporate athletic drills for coordination and agility, strength and stamina exercises
Teamwork games and challenges
Decrease symptoms associated with depression and risk of chronic diseases
Improved mobility, flexibility, strength, and confidence
For individuals of all fitness levels
Registration begins four weeks from start date

Dates & Pricing


Season One Launch: January 15-March 10
Season Two Launch: March 11-May 5
Season Three Launch: May 6-June 30
Season Four Launch: July 1-August 25
Season Five Launch: Aug 26-October 20th
Season Six Launch: October 21-December 15
Holiday Season Launch: December 16


Season 1
Selena, W @ 4pm

Season 2 – starts March 11
Alan, W @ 4pm
Mel, W @ 11:30am

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Non-Member Price:

$184 membership not included in this price

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