Individual Personal Training

In-Person and Virtual Training Available!

Create a fitness routine with expert advice and support to keep you motivated to exercise. There is REAL proof that working with a Personal Trainer can help you get more done faster with results that will last longer. We offer a variety of personal training modalities, including personal training in the pool and using the Pilates Reformer.

Explanation of Bronze, Silver and Gold Personal Training Levels at UVAC

These trainers are nationally certified with the most recent exercise techniques and protocols and may have experience as a wellness coach, group fitness instructor, college related work or previous employment in a health related field. UVAC’s Fitness Team is recruited based on their skills, knowledge, and experience as well as for their passion and devotion for helping individuals and groups achieve specific goals.

Trainers in Silver Level, have achieved all competencies of Bronze Level. Trainers at this level are more experienced and may hold advanced certification or college degrees in the related health sciences. These trainers are able to support most conditions and issues. Staff at this level may go on to become distinguished experts in their field and may already be studying for additional certifications and degrees.

Trainers in Gold Level are distinguished experts in the fields of management, health, fitness and/or sports. They have exemplary skills and credentials that help establish the standards for our personal training department as well as train and develop the personal training staff. Gold Level staff are our most experienced nationally certified trainers and may hold advanced certifications/ degrees as well as have had ample experience with clients who have diverse abilities.

*Trainer levels may change over time.

Available in 60-minute sessions
Achieve your goals — get stronger, lose weight, stay motivated
UVAC Trainers are professional, attentive and certified
We try to match our members with the best-fit trainer for you, or you can request specific ones. Availability varies by trainer.

Dates & Pricing


To start your Personal Training journey we require the purchase of our Wellness Screening Package. You may get this Form at the Welcome Desk or online: Wellness Screening
A trainer will contact you to set up your appointment once you have submitted your form.


Trainers will schedule sessions directly with you to set you up for success!

Member Price:

Prices as of November 12, 2023

 Number of Sessions Members
60-Minute Session
60-Minute Session
1 session $84$91$98 $100$110$118
4 sessions per session $316$344$372 $380$416$448
$79$86$93 $95$104$112
8 sessions per session $592$648$704 $712$784$848
$74$81$88 $89$98$106
12 sessions per session $852$936$1020 $1032$1128$1224
$71$78$85 $86$94$102
24 sessions per session $1632$1800$1968 NANANA
$68$75$82 NANANA

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