Buddy Personal Training

Friends don’t let friends skip exercise!

Our Buddy Personal Training Packages allow you and a friend to work with a trainer towards your collective fitness goals. Whether you’re training for an event or just to get in shape, working out with a buddy can help to keep you motivated and add that extra incentive to work hard and push each other. With this option, a Buddy Package must be purchased by each participant. We do not provide buddies, so please choose a friend, family member or co-worker to join you. Available in 60 minute sessions.

You and your buddy must each register and purchase a Buddy Package.

Number of Sessions Price per 60-Minute Session Package Price
12 sessions $38 $456
24 sessions $34 $816

Get stronger
Lose weight
Stay motivated
Reduce back, knee or shoulder pain
Try new exercises and routines
Train for a sport or race
Prepare for surgery or birth
Learn correct techniques
Improve posture and bone mass

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Buddy Training is always available, you just need a buddy to sign up

Member Price:

12 sessions: $456
24 sessions: $816

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