Level 4 – Components of Front Crawl

5-13 years

Prerequisites: Front glide streamline kicking 15′ and back glide streamline kicking 15′

Level 4 we teach the essential parts of the crawl stroke: how to hold the head for side breathing, how the hand enters the water, how the arm recovers with a high elbow. We begin the process of putting these components together in preparation for swimming in the competition pool for extended distances. Level 4 swimmers focus on:

Hand lead side kicking with roll-in-breathing
Crawl arm stroke and intro to rotary breathing
Intro to 6 beat back kick w/axis rotation
Forward and backward somersaults
Intro to treading various styles
Advancement: tread water 20 seconds
Advancement: dolphin kick 25′
Advancement: hand lead crawl stroke with rotary breathing 25′

Dates & Pricing


Jan 2 – Feb 12: 6 Week Session: Registration open 12/19 @ 7pm
Feb 26 – April 8: 6 Week Session: Registration open 2/13 @ 7pm
April 17 – May 28: 6 Week Session: Registration open 4/10 @ 7pm


Tuesday 4:35 – 5:05pm
Thursday 4:35 – 5:05pm
Saturday 8:25 – 8:55am

Member Price:

$99 six lesson session

Non-Member Price:

$117 six lesson session

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