Red Cross

Good news! The Red Cross program at UVAC is proud to announce that it is rolling out the newest Lifeguard and CPR updates! 

The Red Cross has incorporated the latest in information, techniques, and science into their newest update, r.24. We are excited to teach you these updates in terminology, rescues, scanning procedures, and in-depth recognition skills. All our instructors are up to date with their certifications and ready to go. Thus, the course schedule has been updated to reflect the Red Cross standards. The two most important and exciting changes are the Waterfront module and the Recertification course. The waterfront module is now a one day stand alone 6 hour course with a focus on skills practice. It is a completely instructor only course with no online portion. If you have a lifeguard certification already and want to get certified to guard ponds, lakes, and rivers, this course is for you. The Lifeguard Recertification is now 15 hours spanning the weekend. The prices have been updated as well to reflect the changes and instructor costs.

Lifeguarding $370 | Waterfront $160 (discounted to $140 if scheduled with a regular lifeguarding class) | Recertification $255