What does it mean to “Win Today”?

Read about Personal Trainer, Jesse Davis’s personal strategy for hitting goals and making change one day at a time. You enter UVAC and look at the MyZone tiles on the monitor. Most are some part of a person’s name — ChadR, ShirleyM, EmAnne, JoeMajor. Then you see one called WinToday. “What, or who, is WinToday?” […]

An Urge To Move My Body: A New Member’s Story

I got back from visiting my parents over the winter holidays, and felt an inexplicable restlessness – the best way I can describe it is some feeling, deep in my bones, to just move my body. And walking to the bathroom or kitchen from my bedroom in my tiny apartment didn’t help. So I quickly […]

Stronger, Happier, More Energetic: How Water Aerobics Has Changed My Life

I took my first water aerobics class with Kathleen Danforth in the summer of 2021. Like most newcomers, I was out of my comfort zone and not sure what to expect; I had struggled with exercise for all 27 years of my life at the time and couldn’t fathom what people mean when they talk […]

GIVE THANKS. BE WELL: Four Reasons to Look on the Darker Side of Life

What is the essence of true gratitude and why should you care? It turns out that the simple act of giving thanks can change the chemistry in your brain. But not all gratitude is created equal. Sometimes it is just better to look on the darker side of life. In his 2013 book, Gratitude Works!, […]

September Celebration Coming Saturday, 9/24 @ 10am-2pm

Winners of car show with Splash and Joe Majors

Celebrate the beginning of fall and get ready for exercising indoors at Upper Valley Aquatic Center’s SEPTEMBER CELEBRATION Saturday, September 24! Admission is free and the fun starts at 10am with local food trucks, including The Box, Martha’s on a Roll, Smokey Ds, Sustainable Eats & Magic Melts, a DJ spinning tunes LIVE MIX KINGS […]