Stronger, Happier, More Energetic: How Water Aerobics Has Changed My Life

I took my first water aerobics class with Kathleen Danforth in the summer of 2021. Like most newcomers, I was out of my comfort zone and not sure what to expect; I had struggled with exercise for all 27 years of my life at the time and couldn’t fathom what people mean when they talk about “joyful movement.”

Like everyone in Kathleen’s class, I was met with camaraderie and a judgement-free space to discover that exercise could be fun and fulfilling.

It took just a few days for me to become a regular in Kathleen’s classes, a couple weeks to make friends in the pool, and a few months to turn water aerobics into a part of my daily routine. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t exercising because I felt I had to, but rather because I wanted to. Since that first class, Kathleen has introduced new moves, different routines, and has taught with an encouraging attitude that keeps me coming back and showing up even on “I don’t feel like it” days. Although I still have a long way to go in my fitness journey, my physical progress and the lifestyle change that water aerobics sparked for me is something I never thought possible. I am stronger, happier, more energetic, more confident, and on the path to a healthier life every day.

For anyone who thinks exercise isn’t for them or has yet to find a routine that feels sustainable; I was under the same impression. It may have taken 27 years of dreading and avoiding exercise to discover a type of movement that I find joy in, but it was worth the wait. Kathleen’s classes have been truly transformative and I can’t recommend them enough.

Here is a list of classes we are currently offering at Upper Valley Aquatic Center.

If you want a class specifically with Kathleen Danforth, she is teaching: S’WET T/Th @ 7:25-8:15am and T/Th @ 5:25-6:25pm in the month of February 2023.

Find out more about all the different classes we offer at Upper Valley Aquatic Center.

By Taylor Ray, Happy Member and Water Aerobics Aficionado

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