Upper Valley Aquatic Center (UVAC) members Sandy and Brett Bailey, and UVAC Executive Director, Joe Major recently completed the SPARTAN Killington 2022 obstacle race. The race was held on September 11th at the Killington Resort in Vermont. According to the race website, Killington is “one of the most rewarding and challenging courses in the world.”

UVAC sat down with Sandy and Joe to find out about their experiences at the race. Here’s what they told us:

As told to journalist, cyclist, and UVAC member,  Chris H. Hadgis 

The community of people. Everyone we met was kind and helpful. Fortunately, we were given advice since this was our first race and we had never tried or even seen the obstacles before.

It was very inspiring as we were celebrating our 23rd anniversary.  Together we have also lost over 80lbs and have enjoyed getting back into our younger bodies.

We both work out at UVAC.  I credit personal trainer Larry Ruffing with my improved fitness.  He has amazing classes, such as TRX and Power Hour.  I have also worked with Synergy Nutrition out of Alpharetta, GA.

Yes and no; we both have areas to work on. My husband, Brett wants to focus on his cardio and rope climb. I also want to be able to complete the rope climb and monkey bars at our next race. Otherwise, we did great!

Protein helped us build muscle prior. We ate a wonderful carb-loaded dinner at The Garlic restaurant the night before. We made sure to have a lot of hydration for the week prior and we got great tips from other racers for the course. Sodium pills helped us not cramp.  

It has been a huge part of our training.  We are also active hikers and do our best running the 5K distance.

Go for it!

No. It was something on Brett’s bucket list so we went for it. Can’t wait for Killington next year!

Yes.  I was up at my normal 5:30 am time.

I would have had gloves to help with the rope climb, monkey bars, and multi-rig obstacles.

Interview with Joe Major 

As told to journalist, cyclist, and UVAC member,  Chris H. Hadgis 

The sandbag and the bucket carry up the steep quarter-mile loop was the most difficult obstacle. It revealed the amount of work I still need to do on my glutes and quads.

No, I train in the morning prior to work. This was the best time to start my day and left the rest of the day for other things.

I combined a callisthenic and cardio workout. I used some CrossFit methodology with speed work running. I did not hire a coach.

UVAC was instrumental in having the equipment to train. 

The night before, I ate pasta. The morning before, I had oatmeal and a banana. During the two days prior to the event, I made sure to drink a lot of water.

Make sure you give yourself enough runway to train. In other words, plan your training schedule with enough time so you feel prepared for the race both mentally and physically. 

Yes, this was my 11th  Spartan Race

It was difficult because of the anticipation of the event. That stated, I eventually got a good night’s sleep. I woke up a 5 am.

Do more hill training and leg work.

As Nike states, “Just Do It.” Don’t let anything keep you from training. Make a plan, then stick to it.  Schedule every detail in advance, including the time of day you will work out, what your workout will be, and the amount of energy you will expend.

We are already planning next year. I would tell everyone to do their best, ask for help,  and have fun. We certainly did!  Go after hard things because the rewards are unlimited. This is how we tried to raise our boys.