What does it mean to “Win Today”?

Read about Personal Trainer, Jesse Davis’s personal strategy for hitting goals and making change one day at a time.

You enter UVAC and look at the MyZone tiles on the monitor. Most are some part of a person’s name — ChadR, ShirleyM, EmAnne, JoeMajor. Then you see one called WinToday. “What, or who, is WinToday?” you ask yourself.

That is my MyZone tile, but most importantly, it is the approach I take with my clients, class participants, and myself. It is an approach that sets big goals — a significant change in weight, improving self-confidence, feeling comfortable in your own skin — and does something every day to get a step closer to those goals. Some big goals will take a long time to achieve. But if you commit yourself to the effort, trust the process and consistently “Win Today”, you will achieve your goals.

What does it mean to “Win Today”? It means you do something each day that is directed at achieving your goals. What you do on a given day does not need to be grandiose; it can be as simple as choosing not to have that fatty, sugary, delicious treat or pushing yourself to get one more repetition (with good technique!) out of an exercise. It can be doing your workout even when you’re not at your best. A big win for someone intimidated by the hustle and noise of the gym is taking their first steps inside with me assuring them they’ll be okay and to focus on themselves. 

What does “Win Today” mean to me? As your trainer, it means you are gaining confidence in yourself in the gym, the chronic pain you’ve been dealing with has subsided or you’re feeling stronger and more comfortable in your own skin. For myself, “Win Today” means much the same as it does for you — pushing myself in the gym, making healthy food choices (I do have my vices!) and taking care of myself physically and mentally outside of the gym.

Big goals take time, but there are countless smaller wins on the way to those goals. As your trainer, I’m not only giving you a path to achieving your goals but cheering you along the way one workout at a time. Make sure you celebrate your small daily wins — they will push you towards your goals! 

By Jesse Davis – NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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