UVAC’s next STEPS Fitness Program Begins March 16

UVAC’s group STEPS Fitness Program has no age requirement and is designed for people who may be intimidated by the pace or intensity of other small group classes.

According to fitness instructor Sarah Booker, who’s been teaching STEPS since its inception at UVAC, the moderate program is “a perfect steppingstone” for those who may like to progress to other small group classes, such Shed & Shred or Train to Gain.

The ideal candidate for STEPS is someone who would like to learn proper form and improve endurance, coordination, strength, and balance. The program includes interval training, prehab/rehab-based themes, as well as weight and bodyweight training.

Since each STEPS group is capped at four people, it’s a highly individualized program with the benefit of peer support.

Sarah recalls how one participant from a previous STEPS program progressed from 5 push-ups on an elevated surface to 17 push-ups at the same level.  Another participant reported being able to carry a heavy object at her job easily due to the strength she developed in the class.

“Participants frequently tell me they’ve gained more independence, and that they now know what to do when they visit the gym by themselves due to the structure and program,” Sarah says. She adds that addition to building muscles, the program develops camaraderie: “STEPS participants sometimes voluntarily meet up to do their program together as they develop UVAC bonds.”

Sarah says her strong interest in small group training comes from her own athletic background.

“The format increases empowerment and motivation, but participants still benefit from the close attention of a coach,” she says. “As a former athlete, I see the mental advantage of training with others and the sustainability of accomplishing something with the support of a team.”

Ready to try STEPS? To register, call the Welcome Desk at (802) 296-2850


By UVRays swimmer, Elizabeth Kelsey elizabethkelsey.com


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