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5 Tips To Fit Movement Into A Busy Day

Whether we have kids in school or are teaching kids in school; perhaps navigating the onslaught of leaf peepers or preparing for the winter season, there is a lot going on. Which feels like it leaves very little time for exercise, working out, or otherwise moving our bodies.

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Fitness Apps: What to Look For

Apps basically run our lives (if you have a smart phone). Back in the day, a huge marketing point for smartphones was “There’s an app for that.” Nowadays it’s a given. Fitness apps are no exception. However, just because you invest money into something doesn’t mean that it’s going to be worthwhile.

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Cardio Kickboxing: Give it a try!

Overall, the Cardio Kickboxing class really surprised me. It pushed me to limits I didn’t know I had, while never making me uncomfortable. I was continuously encouraged to listen to my body and take breaks, but also reminded to not stop moving, and to really push myself just one extra step when I thought I couldn’t go any further.

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