Dorothy Knabe

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Dorothy Knabe // Fitness Instructor

Certifications & Education
Keiser Certified Cycling Instructor

More about Dorothy

I think exercise is hard enough, why do it alone? To achieve a balance in fitness intensity, working out with other people helps immensely. Cycling combines the motivational group atmosphere and music to invigorate workouts so we reach the proper intensity level for our fitness goals.

Growing up I avoided any and all taxing physical activity. My first foray into exercise was when I joined my collegiate rowing team. Besides practices on the river, we would run, weight lift and train on ergometers. In 1989 I placed 5th at the World Rowing Championships in Bled, Yugoslavia and through the years I competed in many regattas, including the Head of the Charles.

Eventually we all have to “grow up” and my exercise routine lapsed. I thought the effort I extended running after, lifting and holding my kids, and cleaning the house were sufficient to keep my body in good health. This was not the case. In early 2017 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Treatment included multiple surgeries and radiation.

Once I was cleared to return to physical activity, my medical staff stressed the importance of an exercise regime as a significant deterrent to cancer recurrence. Through a friend’s encouragement, I joined the UVAC’s PALS program. Erin Buck, the program’s director, was, and is, instrumental in getting me back to a happy physical existence. The PALS program was such an effective tool for healing that I felt confident enough to become a certified cycling instructor; Cycling combines my love of biking, music and teamwork.

I hope to see you cycling soon!