Amy McClure


Yoga Instructor

  • Myriad Yoga Teacher Training Certified

More about Amy

With six years of experience in yoga prior to joining the 2023 Myriad Yoga Teacher Training, Amy McClure’s goal is to help others explore their inner selves. Her approach to yoga is distinctive, as she seamlessly blends introspection with physical wellness obtained through asanas. Amy advocates for everyone to take the practice at their own pace, and to fully immerse themselves in the experience, connecting with their mind, body, and soul. She discovered yoga during her journey of attending physical therapy to recover from an injury. As part of her rehabilitation, she was introduced to specific poses that aimed to restore her full mobility. This transformative experience ignited a passion for holistic health and the remarkable healing effects of asanas, breathwork, and mindfulness.

In addition to her passion for yoga, Amy holds a Master of Arts in Professional Writing from New England College, specializing in new media in digital spaces. Her professional expertise lies in marketing, with a primary focus on working with organizations dedicated to promoting social, environmental, and personal change.

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