Trainer Profile: Carrie Borowy

  • Where are you from originally and what did you study?

I’m originally from Hanover, New Hampshire. I graduated with a B.S. in Biology from the University of British Columbia. Carrie’s bio is here

  • What made you want to be a personal trainer? How did you make the goal a reality?

During college, I put academics ahead of working out. After graduating, I re-prioritized my mental and physical health and well-being. I studied and got NASM certified within nine months. Exercise has so many benefits including helping us process challenging life events in a positive, productive way.

  • What types of clients do you work with?

I love helping older generations stay healthy, strong, and independent. I also work with young people who are rehabilitating injuries. I specialize in behavior change and implementing healthy habits.

  • What are your favorite parts of working as a trainer?

My favorite part is helping people realize their potential. We often self-impose mental barriers and limitations; we are capable of more than we think.

I am fortunate to have interned with Erin Buck, our Fitness Director. Erin pioneered the Physical Activity and Lymphedema Program also known as the PALS in the Upper Valley. Due to her leadership and encouragement, I now have the opportunity to work with breast cancer survivors.

  • How did you choose to become a trainer at UVAC as opposed to other fitness centers?

Before becoming a certified personal trainer, I was a UVAC member. I then worked at the Welcome Desk and eventually began honing my personal training skills in the fitness center. I value UVAC’s mission to cultivate an inclusive, welcoming community.

  • What’s something the UVAC community might not know about you?

I have my motorcycle endorsement though I haven’t ridden one regularly in years. I love Stand-Up-Paddle boarding in the summers on the Connecticut River. Also, I’m a big fan of cooking healthy recipes and sharing cooking tips and recipes with everyone.

  • How can people train with you? 

I offer individualized personal training as well as small, functional, pre-registration group workouts. I teach a class designed to aid weight loss: Shed and Shred at 9 am, Mondays and Wednesdays. I also teach a class designed to boost muscle and bone strength: UVAC Strong at 4 pm, Mondays and Wednesdays. Lastly, I teach a water aerobics class: Deep Water Variations, Tuesdays at 12pm.

As told to Chris H. Hadgis, a UVAC Member, cyclist and freelance writer based in Vermont. She’s written for national publications including the Los Angeles Times. More on her here.

April 2021

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