MyZone: What’s in it for YOU?

1.  Why should you buy one?

  • The straps help keep you accountable by being able to friend request other MyZone users (within or outside the facility) and motivate each other. It records wherever you are (as long as your Bluetooth is connected to it). Hiking up a mountain, mountain biking, trail running, skiing, etc. There are multiple ways to gain your monthly MEPs requirement to progress in MyZone’s ranking system. 

2. What is the ranking system?

  • There are status levels within MyZone. For each status, you must reach the minimum of 1300 MEPs per month to progress in gaining the next one, as each status requires a specific number of months in a row to get it. The total number of statuses go up to 17, the last one is 168 months in a row. Here is the breakdown:
  • Iron (1 month)
  • Bronze (3 months in a row)
  • Silver (6 months in a row)
  • Gold (12 months in a row)
  • Platinum (24 months in a row)
  • Diamond (36 months in a row)
  • Hall of Fame (48 months in a row)
  • Hall of Fame Rockstar (60 months in a row)
  • Hall of Fame Superstar (72 months in a row)

3. What is UVAC’s way of showing our members we love them? 

  • We award our MyZone users status shirts and hoodies every time they achieve a new status. From Iron to Diamond, you receive a MyZone shirt with the corresponding color of that status. For Hall of Fame, you receive a hoodie with the option of putting your name on the sleeve. The statuses past Hall of Fame are coming soon!

4. What do members say about MyZone?

  • Members really enjoy having something to look at when they work out. It gives them more motivation to push themselves. 
  • They enjoy being able to try and get more MEPs than their friends with MyZone straps. It gives them something to aim for and goes hand in hand with pushing each other and keeping each other accountable.

5. What do the challenges consist of?

  • There are many types of challenges. Here are examples of what they consist of:
  • Most MEPs within a specific time frame
  • Multiple team challenge to get the most MEPs
  • Facility vs. Facility
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Gameboard challenges

6.What is our current Challenge?

March 12 – April 3


Join our UVAC MyZone users in the March Madness 2023 Challenge., along with the Men’s College Basketball end of the season tournament running during this time. It will be a team MEPs-based challenge. It is UVAC Trainers and Instructors vs. UVAC Members. We will plan on meeting up on Saturday, April 8 after the last day of the challenge to play basketball (rain location is TBD). Come have a great time and we will provide hydration drinks. Join through your MyZone app invitation. If you do not receive one, contact Alan [email protected] or 802-296-2850 ex 104.

By Alan Hernandez, UVAC Personal Trainer

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