Why Use a MyZone Strap?

1. Who is MyZONE for?

  • MyZone is for anyone that likes to know where their heart rate is, how many calories they have burned, and how many MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) they have.
  • MyZone is a great tool to keep yourself accountable when working out to see if you need to work harder with a specific exercise or activity. You are also able to do specific heart rate zone trainings as you can perform exercises that get you into a specific zone using the strap and the monitors or your phone. It is very convenient when you are working out in the fitness center or one of our studios to look up at the screen and see what your numbers are.
  • We hold challenges throughout the year with different prizes or rewards for those that win (and lose, sometimes).

2. What are MyZone Effort Points or MEPs and what do we mean by zones?

  • MEPs is the point system that is used within MyZone.
  • There are different heartrate zones that you can be in. Here is the breakdown of zones with how many MEPs are gained per minute within those zones:
  • Light grey (<50%) 0 MEPs/mins
  • Dark grey (50-59%) 1 MEP/mins
  • Blue (60-69%) 2 MEPs/mins
  • Green (70-79%) 3 MEPs/mins
  • Yellow (80-89%) 4 MEPs/mins
  • Red (90-100%) 4 MEPs/mins

3. What can you buy at our Pro Shop? 

  • There are two options to purchase at the Pro Shop. We have the MZ-3 (older model) and the MZ-Switch (newer model).
  • We also sell replacement straps and chargers (while supplies last until next order).
  • Want to buy one over the phone? Call 802-296-2850 ex 0

4. Is an MZ-3 or MZ-Switch best for you? And how much does it cost?

  • There are notable differences between the two models. The MZ-3 comes with one strap that is put right underneath the chest and comes with a black device to attach to the strap. It is meant for those who only do land-based workouts. 
  • The MZ-Switch comes with multiple straps and a smaller black device to attach. Some people like the variety of areas that you can wear the strap, as the chest location may be uncomfortable for some people. MZ-Switch can be used on both land and in water, as it is waterproof.
  • There is a price difference between them. The MZ-3 costs $99 and the MZ-Switch costs $130. The pricing on the replacement bands are $15 and chargers are $15.
  • Want to buy one over the phone? Call 802-296-2850 ex 0

By Alan Hernandez, UVAC Personal Trainer

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