Healthy Living at UVAC

The UVAC staff work hard to promote healthy living in the community, helping people reach their goals. So, I decided to ask some of the trainers what they did to benefit their own health and those of others. I hope you find their motivations and positive health choices inspiring and informative.

             Beth Baras                              Sarah Booker                               Erin Buck

What does health mean to you?

Beth: Feeling balanced in my life: time to do all I want and need to do. Feeling fit in my physical body, comfortable in my clothes, doing my spiritual inner practice, emotionally low stress, happy for no reason.

Sarah: Health means a balance of physical and mental wellness, best achieved by movement, healthy foods, community, and sleep.

Erin: Health means to me living the fullest life! Everything we do on a daily basis contributes to our well-being. Finding a balance translates into positive health and overall happiness. Balance for me means spending time with my husband and children, sleeping in, going for hikes outside, spending a day at the beach, eating healthy, buying organic but also trying the latest yummies at the Farmers Market!


What do you do to promote a healthy UVAC community?

Beth: I will smile and be helpful to meet members’ needs, to my best to be a positive leader and example of a fit and healthy senior, give my best to every client and member, support my fellow trainers. Laugh a lot & enjoy my time here.

Sarah: At UVAC, I teach strength training, which can sometimes be a missing link in the process of improving health.

Erin: I work to build effective and positive working relationships with our members. Clients need to work with staff who they trust and feel comfortable with. I want everyone to enjoy their training sessions /workouts and make good progress.


What are your favorite ways to stay fit?

Beth: Cycling, lifting, hiking, skate skiing, chi kung, meditation, dancing, pilates.

Sarah: My favorite ways to stay fit are all dependent on being outdoors – trail-running, hiking, walking my dog, skiing, and mountain biking.  I love lifting weights as a way to support these pursuits.

Erin: Finding a cause that I am excited about! Often having a deeper cause for participation is the dimension that takes my efforts to the next level.  I also enjoy challenges because they encourage dedication, discipline, healthy competition and satisfaction for crossing a finish line. Lifting weights allows me to maintain stronger muscles for all the things I love to do!


Do you have any tips for eating healthfully and mindfully?

Beth: Find a plan that works for one’s body. Tale some time to be quiet and present when eating if possible every now and then.

Sarah: I practice and encourage viewing food, truly, as fuel.  I imagine my cells and muscles trying to use the fuel that I am providing, and ask myself, what is the best choice right now? I do well fueling my body with frequent snacks and “mini meals.” When we let go of the notion that exercise is a punishment for eating food, and recognize that food provides an opportunity to lift more, run more, etc., we can adopt a nourishing approach, and be free from a transactional approach.

Erin: Try the 5 S’s – Sit, Slow down, Savor, Simply and Smile.


What motivates you to stay healthy?

Beth: Not feeling comfy in my clothes, having lots of energy naturally, anti-aging, I like to workout.

Sarah: I am motivated to stay healthy by setting movement goals and tackling them.

Erin: I want to age well, exercise helps prevent practically every medically disease and medical condition. There is a mental health that comes with a consistent balanced life-style.

After reading through these 3 inspiring women’s thoughts on health, I encourage you to take a step back and evaluate your own health motivations. Why do you do work to be the healthiest you can be? Take a moment to write a list of what motivates you. For example, looking sexy for your spouse, fitting in a bathing suit, or enjoying yummy foods! When you are feeling discouraged, use this list as a reminder that you are choosing to live a healthy life for a reason!

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