Nancy Graham’s Success Story with Susan Vanabs

I have felt comfortable and at ease with Susan Van Abs from our initial meeting during my evaluation.  She was patient and kind during the evaluation as well as encouraging. The evaluation helped Susan prepare my workouts knowing in advance my abilities, limitations and attitude.

From the beginning of workouts together, Susan used the information from the evaluation to prepare the first working sessions. Susan modifies each work out as progress is made or modification are needed.

During the first several months Susan developed a program helping me prepare for shoulder replacement surgery as well as other strength and well-being activities.  Because of the preparation I did before surgery I made excellent progress working with Kevin from BeFit. Thank you Susan!

Before planning the post-surgery exercise program, Susan met with Kevin to learn about my progress and what was appropriate for me to do during our first training sessions.

Susan is always well prepared for our sessions.  She is patient, kind and encouraging.  I appreciate the varied workouts we do every week.  Susan Van Abs is a top-notch trainer and I look forward to working with her every week.

Nancy Graham

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