Alisha Goodwin’s Success Story with Beth Baras

When I first started the shed and shred class I was nervous. I had never done an exercise program before and I didn’t know what to expect. My instructor Beth, with her knowledge and sense of humor quickly put my anxiety to rest. I now have the drive, confidence and pleasure to attend class twice a week and exercise on my own more days than not. 

Over the 8-week Shed and Shred course I have physically improved in so many ways, from weight loss too a huge increase in my endurance. My strength and muscle definition has blown me away and my clothes fit better than ever. Not only has the course taught me about cardio and weights, but also about my nutritional needs. Beth has given me more knowledge and support to make better food choices for myself and my health. She teaches you how to use the calorie app and discusses the importance of tracking your calorie intake. The app itself I find to be extremely helpful with my weight loss. It keeps me on track and makes me take responsibility for my food choices and decisions. It helps me see my problem areas and where to improve. 

Another tool the shed and shred course uses is the MyZone strap. It’s user friendly and provides me with a lot of information. It’s helpful to me to be able to see my stats, such as heart rate and calories burned, as I’m working out to also motivate me to work harder to achieve my heart rate zones. 

The fitness instructors at UVAC are amazing. My instructor Beth, is a productive mix of motivation, encouragement and push, while keeping the class light and fun. She has so much knowledge and experience that by my 3rd class I was confident in the proper use of the machines and how to target my own personal “problem” areas. She is more than happy to adapt any of the exercises to meet my physical needs, and gives me exercises that I can do at home that even my children enjoy. Beth uses a mix of cardio and weights that keeps me moving and burning calories. 

The Shed and Shred course has changed me from a person who didn’t find joy in exercising to someone who enjoys and looks forward to class and would take this course over and over again.

A new Shed and Shred session starts March 16!

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