Want to lose weight and get stronger?

By Katherine MacPherson BS, ACSM HFS & UVAC Personal Trainer

Hi again! It’s been a while since I’ve written a new blog and I’ve got the perfect topic to discuss.  Have you heard about our program Shed and Shred here at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center?  It has been nearly a year and a half since our first round started and WOW…the changes we instructors have seen in the participants have been incredible. 

What is Shed and Shred?  It is a small group Personal Training weight loss program.  It runs for 6 or 8 weeks and includes 2 shed and shred fitness classes, two 30 minute personal meetings, off day workout homework’s, weekly weigh-in and measurements.  Plus it offers encouraging incentives such a 10% discount off your next Shed and Shred and winners get 3 free personal training sessions (a $135 value!)
Before you start to think that I am just marketing the program (I sort of am 🙂 because it rocks!) there are many things for you to discover about the people that partake in the 6 or 8 week rounds.  The program is a not only a major commitment, but when participant’s truly follow our weight loss regimen they lose the weight and keep it off.   Above all, these people are happier, stronger and now educated on real life useful healthy eating tips and planning. 

No, we don’t market meal replacements, shakes or the latest and strangest diet.  We literally teach our participants to eat REAL food.  Learning to make food healthier and easier to plan out has been the ultimate educator for Shed and Shred.   Many us want to lose the weight fast and are ready to try almost anything.  Again, you have to be committed to the long term idea of healthy living.  “Diets” are temporary! 

Fitness is of course also a major aspect of the program.  The classes typically focus around strength endurance interval training.  Meaning we infuse anywhere from 6 to 12 exercises in timed or repetition bursts and rotations.  Also meaning… we keep you moving!  Each class is different and we love to surprise our participants with motivating new exercises.  One participant says “I have been wanting to lose weight and improve my fitness level for a long time.  Shed and Shred gave me the structure that I needed to achieve my goals.  The group dynamic and effective coaching kept me motivated and on track!” 
The first day of each new round we hold a “testing day.”  This is where we test how far you can walk or run in 12 minutes, how many push-ups you can do, how long you can hold a plank and how many squats you can do a 60 seconds.   OK, don’t be intimated!  It’s actually a great day because 100% of Shed and Shredder’s INCREASE all their results on the final testing day 6 or 8 weeks later.  It’s not uncommon to see a participant hold a 20 second plank on day one, and then complete a 2:00 plank by week 6 or 8.  The improvement is waiting for you!!
Each week we post the body percent loss for each group.  Yes, this is where we get a little competitive (cough cough John and Garrett cough.)  We mathematically group individual weigh-ins by group and show the building the percent’s (no names are displayed.)  At the end of each round, we go back to our equations and two winners are picked.  The two criterias to win are highest weight loss by pounds and highest percent body weight loss.   
If you want to lose weight, or learn how to be fit and eat healthy I encourage you to take this class.  As an instructor I personally get inspired when I see individuals fight their barriers and become a stronger person.  I take pride in helping others reach their goals! 
Call us at 802-286-2850 X 104 or email [email protected] for questions.   
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