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New Year, New You?

What does that mean to you? Obviously this can include changes to your health, physical activity level, what you eat, and even when you eat. These are several changes that may add up to answer that question. I see many individuals struggle with the work, life, and social balance, but what I have learned is that you must use your resources. Because you do not have to do this alone!

Your Health, Your Life.

The Upper Valley Aquatic Center’s Wellness Department is ready to help with resources right at your fingertips. Today, we know offer low-cost Wellness Screenings and Nutrition Consult Packages. If you are looking to clean out your kitchen, know about your heart health, or simply find out what your missing from your diet, ask us today how we can help. With any changes to your lifestyle, it is important to get support! We are also able to track and monitor your mood, behavior changes, willingness to train, and so much more.

Wellness Screenings: “Total Package” include

  • Private one-on-one meeting
  • Tanita scale reading and graphing analysis (shows your bone poundage, metabolic age, and 26 other internal measurements)
  • Blood pressure and pulse reading
  • Waist to hip measurement
  • Total cholesterol screening (include HDL, LDL, Triglycerides)
  • Glucose level screening

Cost is $64.99 with annual membership, $94.99 for monthly membership

Nutrition Consult Package:

  • Several weeks of direct one-on-one consulting
  • Four 1 hour consultation sessions
  • Full wellness screening (see above)
  • Total Cholesterol & Glucose screening
  • Specific body type nutrition estimates based on goals (we find YOUR macro-nutrients percents) Text/email support

Total Cost is $280

By Your Wellness Coach: Katherine MacPherson

For questions, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Katherine at [email protected] or 802-296-2850 x 104

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