Trainer Profile: Alan Hernandez

  1.   What made you want to be a personal trainer? How did you make that goal a reality?

I love meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals. I have wanted to be a personal trainer since high-school when I first got introduced to sport-specific training and workouts.

I graduated from Millikin University with a degree in Health, Fitness, and Recreation and a focus in Nutrition. I got my first personal training certification my senior year in college and I plan to test for the NSCA Strength and Conditioning certification. I have always loved sports and training, and as a personal trainer, I get to do both: help other people and continue training myself.

  1.   What types of clients do you work with?

All types, all abilities.

  1.   What originally brought you to the Upper Valley?

After we graduated college, my wife got a job at Dartmouth. She works in their student affairs center.

  1.   What’s your favorite part of working as a trainer at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center?

I started here a year ago as a Fitness Monitor and grew into the Personal Trainer role. I like how everyone knows each other — staff, clients, and members. It’s a special, close-knit community and we look out for each other.

  1.   What types of sports do you play?

My main sports in high school and part of college were baseball and soccer. I played Forward and Midfield in soccer and I was a utility player in baseball; I could play almost every position on the field. My favorite part of sports was the training. I loved the weight room workouts and the sport-specific plyometrics.

  1.   What’s something people new to the community might not know about you?

I am first-generation Mexican American. My parents emigrated from Mexico and met each other in Chicago. In addition to being a personal trainer, I also coach youth soccer for the Lightning Soccer Club out of Norwich. And, I love dogs. My wife and I adopted a rescue Pitbull mix from the Humane Society. Her name is Dixie.

  1.   How can people train with you?

In addition to offering personal training, I also teach cross-training classes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 6 pm-7 pm in the Group Exercise Room.

As told to Chris H. Hadgis, a UVAC Member, cyclist and freelance writer based in Vermont. She’s written for national publications including the Los Angeles Times. More on her here.

February 2021

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