Lifeguard Responsibilities Increase During Pandemic

When Water Safety Director Nate McCann became a lifeguard at UVAC in 2018, his duties involved the expected: scanning the pool for swimmers in distress, enforcing safety policies, and performing secondary tasks, such as cleaning pools.

When the coronavirus pandemic struck in 2020, though, the term “lifeguard” took on new meaning. In addition to their usual responsibilities, Nate and his peers now protect members from a deadly virus. They remind people to wear masks and stay distanced. They sanitize all pool deck services every hour, disinfect lifeguard equipment daily, and maintain consistent handwashing and glove use.

UVAC’s mask rules:

  • Wear a mask on when you arrive at UVAC
  • Wear a mask to the edge of the pool until you’re in the water*
  • Place your mask back on as soon as you leave the water

Convenient “mask hooks” have been placed at starting blocks to make this process easier.

*If you’re participating in an activity in which your head is above water (such as water aerobics or aqua jogging), you need to wear a mask or face shield while in the water. [View Major’s Minute for further details.]

“We’re happy to provide additional disposable masks to members in the event their cotton one happens to get wet or soggy,” Nate said. “We highly recommend buying a face shield for aqua aerobics or aqua jogging from our shop,” he adds. “They’re easy to wear and tend to be easier to breathe in as opposed to the cotton masks.”

If you’ve swum at UVAC recently, you’ve probably noticed how hard Nate and his team are working to remind members about the rules and keep the facility clean.

Nate says the changes in responsibility haven’t been difficult. “We want everyone to not only have an enjoyable time at UVAC, but feel completely safe while doing so,” he said.

By UVAC Master’s Swimmer Elizabeth Kelsey

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