All the Progress I Have Made Training with Susan Vanabs

I have been doing personal training two times a week with Susan Van Abs since last December. Although UVAC had to close due to the pandemic, I signed up again right away to continue my work with Susan. I appreciate the steps you have taken to keep clients and staff safe regarding COVID19. Along with personal training, I have just started the Rowing 1.0 Shed and Shred with Susan, as well.

Exercising at UVAC has reminded me that I am a capable person and it has boosted my self-confidence. A huge reason for this is Susan’s approach to personal training. She is responsive to my needs and I see this with other UVAC trainers, as well. She is dedicated to her clients’ physical, mental and emotional health. Susan always checks in at the beginning of a session to see how I am doing. She helps me reset my mind on the present task of exercise and if needed she will adjust the planned program for the day to accommodate how I am feeling.

What I love about Susan is that she knows how to challenge me to ensure success and not to push to the point of making me feel I am not in control and may fail. Susan has taken the time to develop a friendly, caring, trusting relationship with me. I trust her to create a program with which I can succeed. If she believes I can do it, I can. Susan puts safety first and makes sure to model new exercises for me then watches to make sure my form is correct. She is skilled at creating a progression over our hour session so that I do not burn out in the beginning and have strength to continue to push myself throughout; ending with a good feeling that I have pushed myself to the max by the end. I feel successful and I know I have given my all.

I appreciate that Susan stays current on health and fitness research. She is curious and enthusiastic and is always looking to incorporate new ideas on healthy eating, exercise, functional skills, and general well-being into her personal training sessions.

Seven benefits I’ve experienced as a result of personal training at UVAC with Susan:

  • I am definitely stronger! I can easily lift my 40 lb. bags of wood pellets, which I had to struggle to lift last year!
  • I have better balance and more stamina.
  • My health “numbers” have improved.
  • I am still working on losing weight, but I see improvements in how my clothing fits and how I look in my clothing
  • I am coping with stress much better. I look forward to working out to relieve stress and get fit! I feel that with Susan, I have developed a productive strategy for dealing with stress. The confidence I have built through my personal training success has carried into other parts of my life.
  • I have learned “literally” to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I have seen that small steps accumulate to create great results.
  • I am proud that I have stuck with this and been consistent. I am proud that I am focusing on my own self-care and the fact that I have a knowledgeable trainer to guide and support me makes all the difference.

-Testimonial by Chris Kennedy, UVAC Member and Training Client of Susan Vanabs

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