Pain After a Workout: Some Myths of Fitness that Will Surprise You, Part 1

We are all thrilled to see that Covid restrictions are easing around the country and we are getting back some of the normalcy we so dearly missed. Now that our gyms are open and fully operational, why not have a refresher about all the information (some useful and some not so useful) that we learned […]

Three Things to Check When You Get on an Indoor Rower

Women's Rowing Class

Indoor rowers have gained in popularity over the past few years. Often neglected for glitzier machines, such as elliptical trainers or treadmills with all the “bells and whistles”, the indoor trainer is gaining popularity as a cardio machine that can provide a user a full-body, low-impact workout. At UVAC, we have the “gold standard” in […]

7 Tips for Using Smartwatches to Improve Your Fitness and Wellness

If you’re reading this one of the following is probably true: You already own a smartwatch. You’re considering purchasing one. You like fitness but don’t think a fancy smartwatch is going to help. You’re a friend of mine and I asked you to read this blog. Either way, I think I can offer some insights […]

Janet Koes’s Success Story with Sarah Booker

Through the years I had become sedentary, overweight and in pain. My knee was hurting every time I walked upstairs. So in June of 2019, I joined Weight Watchers to do something about my diet but knew I had to do something about being sedentary and in pain.  I was nervous about starting an exercise […]