Janet Koes’s Success Story with Sarah Booker

Through the years I had become sedentary, overweight and in pain. My knee was hurting every time I walked upstairs. So in June of 2019, I joined Weight Watchers to do something about my diet but knew I had to do something about being sedentary and in pain.  I was nervous about starting an exercise routine. But I did step out of my comfort zone and joined. I was working out on my own but my knee was not getting any better and I was not sure what I should do for exercises. A friend of mine encouraged me to take advantage of the free fitness evaluation and to think about using her trainer Sarah Booker. I took her advice in September of 2019.

Sarah made me feel comfortable from the beginning. After the fitness evaluation, she started working with me and gave me exercises to help me with my knee pain and general fitness. I have had both my hips replaced but that doesn’t stop Sarah from making me work hard within the limitations my surgeon has given me. And she was willing to meet with me at 5am! I only meet with her once a week, so Sarah has given me homework for the other days.

On my own, I do cardio and my “homework” three or four days a week. As I have gain strength and endurance I have gained confidence and pride in my progress. I feel like with Sarah on my side I see how I do not have to go into retirement with aches and pains but energy and confidence. No rocking chair in my future yet.

I am happy to say that my knee is pain-free now. I have also lost a total of 40 pounds which I feel I could not have done without UVAC and my 5am training sessions with Sarah. Thanks for listening to my story. Sarah is wonderful, as I am sure all of the trainers are there. Keep up the great services at the UVAC you rock!

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