Zumba – hot pink hightops and having a blast!

by Heather Szczepiorkowski
What’s up with those hot pink hightops!  When I saw Evelyn stroll in with her pink sneakers, I knew we were in for fun.  As I have been interning here, I have noticed this class – this class that was dancing, sweating, kicking, belly dancing and yet smiling!!  I thought – I’ve got to try this out!
Was Zumba made for Evelyn or was Evelyn made for Zumba?  Hard to say- but here’s what I  know – Zumba at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center is a blast!!
Evelyn flows with the music effortlessly.  Don’t get me wrong though, this is definitely a work out.  Somehow to the rhythm of the music, we get in lots of squats, kicks and arm work.  Not to mention it

being a total cardio workout!!  Want a great workout and keep coming back for more

– try Zumba!!

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