Spinning – an Intern’s view – awesome and need to bring two water bottles!

by Heather Szczepiorkowski

I’m back and still having fun!  As an intern for UVAC, one of the great things is that I can exercise right at my work-site! Today I took my first class.  Spinning.  I have been wanted to attend this class for a while.

First of all the setting is beautiful.  I think it is one of the most scenic exercise rooms I have ever been in. There were floor to ceiling windows – on one side a view of the outdoors with the bright fall foliage.  Perfect for when you need to bike indoors.  On the other side of the room, windows with a fantastic view of the splash park.  Here is a view from the room of the pool.

Corrie – the instructor introduced herself and helped me to adjust my bike properly explaining that the seat and the handle bars should be roughly the same height – something I had never known.

She was great in coaching us throughout the class – talking us up and down hills, flowing through the flats!!  It was not hard to imagine as the beautiful scenery was right in front of us.

Also just when I needed it, a fresh breeze came to the room as the fans were cranked!  All in all a great first class! My goal is to be in great biking shape when the spring arrives.

My only wish was that I had two water bottles instead of one!

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