What Swimming Means to Me

Swimming is the love of my life in so many ways

Whether or not it is something that you may enjoy yourself

It has changed me and helped me grow

My life changed for the best that day –
I was only a ten year old girl and distinctly remember the love I first felt when I hit the water

My days at school had not been fun, for I, to them was a lost and wandering soul

I am thankful to the team I now consider home
They have taken me in as a little girl with few friends and created a new me, the one I am proud to be today.

I can finally say…

Joining the Upper Valley Aquatic Club was one of the best choices I have ever made. I will never forget the day I walked onto the pool deck and there they stood – 
with their arms reaching out and taking me in.

What a huge impact they made on that little girl.

The little girl today, now grown up as a teenager, sits at home typing about her gratefulness and how happy she is today. I have high hopes that someday, that little girl will be one of the people who can open her arms wide to the new arrivals and be as welcoming as they had once been to her.

By AJL – Happy UVAC Swim Team Member, Lifeguard and Swim Instructor

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