What Swimming Means to Me

swim team members in pool

Swimming is the love of my life in so many ways Whether or not it is something that you may enjoy yourself It has changed me and helped me grow My life changed for the best that day – I was only a ten year old girl and distinctly remember the love I first felt […]

Hannah Cox Rocks

UVAC’s Hannah Cox, An Impressive Student Athlete Click here to read the story from 5_2015

Gone Fishing

Hannah Cox Has Gone Fishing Read the article and see the images from 5_2015

Going Swimmingly

swim team member in pool

Going Swimmingly: Pool Potential Grows for Hartland’s Cox Pool Potential Grows For Hartland’s Cox 8_2015

Teresa Groton

Teresa Groton, Former UVAC Swim Team Member in the News West Point’s Teresa Groton Pinned as Honor Graduate of Air Assault School Read article from 10_2015

Masters Fritz Bedford

Masters Swimmer Fritz Bedford Bedford Wins Two USMS National Records Read the article Bedford Wins Two USMS National Records 2015 Read the article Bedford Accumulates More 3_2015 Read the article Bedford Adds More Records 12_2014