Trick or Treat! Helpful Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas

By Katherine Tremblay BS, ACSM HFS & UVAC Personal Trainer


Carved orange stuffed with fruit

Happy fall, Upper Valley Aquatic Center Members. Halloween is near! I’m sure you have seen loads of candy aisles at the local stores already, but did you know you can still treat your family and friends to yummy treats without heading into the tempting candy aisles? It’s no trick!

Here are some not-so “health spooky” and yet tasty, fun treats to share with your little ones (and you!) this Halloween. 
Crackers, Nutella, Banana’s, Dark Chocolate Chips, Jelly, Peanut Butter


Strawberries dunked in white chocolate




Carved Apples with peanut butter and jelly, bananas and dark chocolate chips
Join us at UVAC for our annual Halloween Costume Parade!
Friday, October 31
Happy Haunting!


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