Strength Training Programs: Start at Your Level


By Katherine MacPherson BS, ACSM HFS, Personal Trainer, Lift It Instructor

There are many valuable benefits with strength training.  Research shows that if you engage in a consistent safe routine you will improve your range of motion, increase strength, mobility, and empower your overall health.  These consistent, safe routines are usually comprised of 4-week structured workouts that change in volume and load to insure strength gain and performance enhancement. We call these 4-week cycles, phases.  During a strength training program, there is generally 4 phases.  The workouts are created to improve posture and increase strength through the whole body. This means there will be targeted muscle groups depending on the lifting day, as well as mobility exercises that are incorporated into the workout. 

The Upper Valley Aquatic Center recently started a small group strength training program called Lift It that is structured around your fitness level.  The main objective is to learn how to lift weights safely and preform at your absolute best.  Each participant gets special treatment.   They will undergo soft tissue work, attentive exercise education with coaching tips and pointers. The instructor client radio is 1 to 6. 

Forget the intimidating video! Lift It is really Katherine guiding me through a custom tailored protocol along with a few others doing their own programs at the same time, at a budget friendly price. If I can do this, anyone determined to build strength and well being can do it!”
-Sara Kobylenski, UVAC member and Lift It participant 

Each participant is given their own 4-week program. The workouts start with 5-10 minutes of foam rolling and warmups.  Lift It clients begin their workout as the instructor monitors and engages in instruction.  Some of the exercises included in this program may not be performed until the 2ndor 3rd phase, or if at all.  If a person is unable to properly preform a dead-lift (for an example) they will be guided to the next alternative.  In this case, it would be a goblet squat.  It is highly encouraged in this program to find positive alternatives to exercises that cannot be performed properly due to an injury, muscle weakness, muscle tightness, or fitness level. This ongoing, jump in at any time program, is giving men and women of all ages the opportunity to increase strength while learning proper techniques. If you are interested in joining Lift It, here is the information to sign up:
 LIFT IT: T/TH @ 6am or 6pm
$129/ month EFT (members)
REGISTER TODAY with John j[email protected]or at the Welcome Desk
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