Healthy Treats for the One You LOVE

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, it’s time to start thinking of new ways to treat yourself and someone you love. These two recipes will be a perfect beginning and ending to your romantic dinner.

A Marinated Winter Vegetable Salad makes a stunning appetizer. The salad is visually beautiful with cauliflower at its center surrounded by a dazzling array of marinated vegetables. Steaming the cauliflower softens the florets and allows them to
absorb the flavor of the olive oil and spices sprinkled on top. The marinated vegetables
are full of intense flavors and salty while the cauliflower is light and delicate, creating a
perfect balance. For a full meal, follow the salad with a light pasta dish or some roasted
meats and veggies. 

But don’t forget dessert: These Dark Chocolate Sunflower ButterCookies. Few things warm the soul better than freshly baked cookies. These treats are not overly sweet and go perfectly with fresh fruit or a light sorbet. They also travel well, so any cookies left after the celebration can be packed into your gym bag for a perfect post workout snack.

You can find both these recipes on my blog, Gathering Flavors.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Dena Testa Bray is a UVAC member, blogger and web designer. 
You can find her here:
[email protected]
Gathering Flavors

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