Rachel Gelfman’s Blog..”My Paleo Journey”

“I want to start by sharing my journey to Paleo story. Its a long one, so grab some grass fed beef jerky and read on..Its been 2 years since I first started eating this way. My life has been influenced by food, nutrition, and health from a young age. I grew up with a mother who was an incredible cook (a chef actually), and she and my father owned a big restaurant, catering hall, and bakery when I was little. After they divorced, they ended up working together years later and owned many successful weight loss centers. My father survived multiple major cancer battles and has healed himself after chemotherapy with nutrition and remains a 69 year old health nut to this day.” Continue reading by clicking the link below!


This post is from “Paleo Family Eats” and was written by Rachel Gelfman

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