I think most of us can agree that we all can use a little more GOOD NEWS in our lives. Here are some stories from our GOOD NEWS at UVAC campaign, where we actively searched for the very best news we could find around here! There is SO much!


When I moved to White River in the fall of 2016 I was a grad student and looking for something to do to unwind in my downtime. I casually looked up “night life” on my phone and for some reason the UVAC popped up. I hadn’t been a member of any gym since middle school, and I was just out of undergrad weighing close to 200 pounds – my size didn’t bother me, but I wasn’t feeling healthy. So! I joined UVAC. I started right in with 30 minutes of swimming laps a day and watching what I ate, and wow it didn’t take long before I was feeling good in my skin again. After 8 months of work my weight plateaued and I finally found my healthy standard, but more than that I find I’m in a better mood, and just happier all around!

Thank you UVAC


In the spring of 2013, I was 50+ pounds heavier than now and in terrible physical condition. My health was in a downward spiral almost out of control. I had developed type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure and taking double medication for both. I was also border-line for passing my Commercial Driver’s License (DL) Physical Exam and putting my job in jeopardy. I know that I had to get serious and try to regain control of my life and my health to save my job.

That spring, I decided to join a local health club. I got back to exercising, which I had badly neglected. That’s when I met Erin Buck and decided to join her upcoming class (2nd best life decision I ever made…only after quitting smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol!)

Spinning was great fun and I was losing some weight. However, I was still in poor physical condition. I knew I needed to do more if I was ever going to make the real changes necessary to regain control of my health and my life. I had serious doubts and concerns and confided them to Erin. She was wonderfully caring and positive. She assured me that I was capable and she could indeed help me meet my goals. That’s when I decided to engage Erin as my personal trainer. She worked me hard, but the results were incredible. Now I’m back to regular hiking and working out. With the encouragement of Erin, I also took up cycling and for the past four years have been a regular Prouty rider.

I’ve become a member of UVAC for the past couple of years and enjoy working out with Erin. The variety of FREE classes UVAC offers as well all of the new equipment they’ve installed recently is superb. I think it’s the best value in the Upper Valley.

Today the journey with Erin continues and I feel fantastic. Erin remains a true friend and confidant. She helped me get my health and life back. People I meet today say I look 10 years younger. I’m actually stronger today than when I was 22. I look better and feel better than ever and I just turned 72 this past Christmas. Thank you Erin ever so much…you literally changed my life!

If YOU have good news you want to share, send your story to: [email protected] and we will both share your story with our social media channels AND send you two free passes as a thank you!

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