How to Successfully Prepare Meals Ahead of Time

Be a Meal Prep Wizard!

Life can be pretty crazy and get in the way of your desire to live a healthy lifestyle. When you are busy at work or school all day, it may seem easier to grab a quick lunch at the closet fast food restaurant or convenience store. Not only does this hurt your wallet, but it can also hurt your body. Meal prep can solve both of these problems and is often much more delicious! Here are three ways to add meal prep into your routine:

1. Make a meal plan

Start out by picking out recipes that you can make in bulk and sound good to
you. To save on money, try to pick meals that you have ingredients for all ready.

2. Start small

Just because you want to start meal prepping, does not mean you immediately need to prepare all 3 meals ahead of time. Start by just prepping breakfast, as it is often the simplest meal to make, and grab and go in the morning.

3. Create a schedule

By choosing the same time each week to cook for the week, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you are more likely to make it an established routine. For example, block out 2-3 hours on Sunday afternoons and break
out your Tupperware and turn on the music! Contrary to popular belief, meal prep does not have to be complicated or stressful. It will ultimately save you time, money, and better your health.

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