I think most of us can agree that we all can use a little more GOOD NEWS in our lives. Here are some stories from our GOOD NEWS at UVAC campaign, where we actively searched for the very best news we could find around here! There is SO much!


Danny and I met almost two years ago right here within these UVAC walls.

At the time, I was working part time as a personal trainer in the evenings while he was enduring his first year of PA school and would come to UVAC to keep his sanity. We had caught glimpses of one another for several weeks in passing, but both pretended not to. After about 3 weeks of awkward stares, we finally struck up a conversation one evening while putting weights away and exchanged numbers “professionally” because he mentioned he had worked as a trainer in the past and was interested in picking up some hours once in a while (with all of his nonexistent free time). A text the next day turned into dinner the following night, and 6 months later we moved into our first apartment together. We’ve been together almost two years now and still enjoy awkward stares across the room at one another when we go to UVAC. Thanks to UVAC for planting the seed of our relationship and fostering strength for both of us, physically as well as mentally, ever since.

Photo 1: How to pick up a girl at the gym

Photo 2: Still hangin’ on to the love found at UVAC


Charlie and Holly grew up in Hartford but never dreamed of such an awesome gym in their hometown.

Coming to UVAC almost every morning together has been the best habit leading us to the healthiest bodies we have ever had! We have been married for 18 years (together for 23 years) and have four incredible kids that keep us busy. We both have full time careers so making time for ourselves, with the help of the AMAZING Kid Zone staff, has helped our relationship grow while being a positive influence on our overall health.

Erin Buck has trained us both in Shed & Shred which has paved the road to our success and she continues to encourage us to push for our goals!

Thanks UVAC for everything!

Photo 1: Cycling Date

Photo 2: Doing Battle

If YOU have good news you want to share, send your story to: [email protected] and we will both share your story with our social media channels AND send you two free passes as a thank you!

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