Fun ways to get involved in UVAC’s Financial Aid Drive, which lasts until May 7

One of UVAC’s financial aid recipients recently shared her family’s story with us:

My family has benefited from the scholarship program for the past couple of years. We will not always need scholarships, but during this stage of life, we would not be able to join a gym without this assistance. We have a daughter with special needs, and she has flourished from her time spent swimming at UVAC and playing with friends in KidZone. My children have connected with the childcare providers and look forward to creating and playing in a safe space. They feel special being able to swim and play in the pools. I often only get a break from tending to children for the hour that I am working out. It brings me peace of mind and it helps me to feel better about myself. I honestly don’t know where I would be without the generosity of strangers providing our family with this membership. I am forever grateful for their kindness and what it has done for my family. I will pay it forward as soon as I am able to do so!


Help this family and others by contributing to UVAC’s Financial Aid Drive, which began on April 9, and runs until May 7. All proceeds go directly to families seeking scholarship funds towards memberships, splash camp fees, and swimming lessons.


“Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience fitness,” says Erin Buck, Group Exercise Director at UVAC.

“Our goal is to get our services into the hands of those who cannot afford it.”

Need more convincing? Watch this video.




  • Stop by the front desk

You can simply make a tax-deductible donation to your team of choice: Land, Aquatic, or Cycling/Yoga/Pilates. The winning team will receive the Golden Duck plaque, and every member will receive two Bring-a-Friend Passes. So far, Team Aquatic is in the lead.

  • Attend a class

Several Instructors will personally donate an amount of money per class participant throughout the drive, and they’re encouraging attendees to match the amounts they raise.

  • Go to a special event

Saturday, May 5 @ 11am – 12pm
Members, guests, UVAC staff, friends, and spouses! Come celebrate fun in the water with a Water Volleyball Fundraiser. Contribute $10 at the Welcome Desk for the AQUATIC Team. No day pass fee — just a free-will donation of $10 or more. Come join the fun!

Monday, May 7 @ 5pm and 6pm


Come cycle with Michael and help raise fund for the UVAC Financial Aid Fund. Suggested donation $5 or more. Contribute at the Welcome Desk for the RED Team or bring your money and put in the jar.



Although UVAC has always sought grants and donations, this is its first financial aid drive. Requests for assistance have tripled since last year, and the center is in desperate need of Financial Aid funding.

“It’s no secret that activity at any level offers immense benefits,” Buck says. “Fitness has helped shape my life. It is imperative that we are able to offer children, adults, and families comparable opportunities in regards to fitness.”

By Elizabeth Kelsey

Elizabeth is a UVAC member and U.S. Masters swimmer who writes about health and wellness. She can be reached at

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