Giving UVAC’s Free Wellness Screening a Try

Since I swim almost daily with the UVRays Masters team, I can become complacent about my fitness level. I’ve kept the same regimen for several years, and I tend to assume I don’t need to give any further thought to my exercise routine.

A recent wellness screening with trainer Jess Purcell at the Upper Valley Aquatic Center changed my attitude. The meeting took about 45 minutes. Jess clearly explained the process, and I felt comfortable as she weighed me on the Tanita scale (which measures pounds, metabolic age, bone mass); took my blood pressure; and put me through a series of cardio, strength, and balance exercises.

For me, the results weren’t surprising: It turns out I’m in good shape, but I could improve. The takeaway of doing a wellness screening was to have some accountability for aspects of fitness I’ve been ignoring. I could now face my shortcomings: the ones I had no idea about (weak balance if I close my eyes) as well as the ones I’d been in denial about (five extra pounds from winter).

Looking at the stark numbers on the scale and on the clipboard, having a trainer witness my strengths and weaknesses—even just the act of setting up a wellness screening appointment—motivated me for change.

After we met, Jess helped me make a plan to reach my objectives, which include improving my upper body strength and general balance. She indicated which free UVAC classes complemented my swimming goals and schedule. She said I was welcome to use the Tanita scale any time I requested to do so at the front desk. She also suggested the options of the MyZone strap or personal training sessions if I want to become even more serious.

If you’re trying to step up your fitness routine, it’s helpful to make a conscious effort to do so. Why not make an appointment with one of UVAC’s trainers for a free wellness screening today?  [link or email?]

By Elizabeth Kelsey, UVAC Masters Member and a writer who specializes in mental health topics

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