Get Fit and Feel Motivated with Essential Conditioning

Are you looking for a workout whose effects are “better than a runner’s high?” That’s what Fitness and Personal Training Director Erin Buck says you’ll find when you join her Essential Conditioning class.

Essential Conditioning combines cardio and resistance work. Erin offers a range of techniques that include aerobics, floor work, weights, and resistance training—all set to an energetic beat. She keeps the class in sync with precise cueing and logical progressions.

Perhaps most important, though? Erin makes a point to get to know the participants. They even have cookie swaps!

“I like to connect with them and share what is going on within UVAC’s walls but also learn what brings them to this class and keeps them coming,” she said.

Since the majority of Erin’s frequent fliers aim for general fat loss and fitness, she designs workouts with these goals in mind.

But even though the class is listed as intermediate and advanced, people of a wide range of fitness levels are welcome to participate. Erin demonstrates multiple ways to execute each exercise to help each person feel the class was designed for them.

The group has bonded through the challenging workouts.

“We offer smiles and external motivation when you may not have it yourself,” Erin said. “I think it is really about that neighbor who offers a ‘you can do it’ at a crucial moment or gives you a high five at the end of a tough session.”

Essential conditioning currently has slots for 14 participants (before the pandemic,over 25 people typically joined).

Would you like to give your fitness and your spirits a boost?

Try this free class! Essential Conditioning runs M, W, F and meets from 8:30-9:25am.  Make a reservation TODAY!

By Elizabeth Kelsey, UVAC Member, Writer

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