Be Inspired by Sarah True: Olympian and UVAC Member!

Sarah True, #71: Olympian to Ironman Triathlete Talks No Fear: Sarah True swims here at UVAC. She started as a collegiate swimmer and worked her way up to a two time Olympian for the USA in Triathlon and is a highly competitive Ironman triathlete.

You’ll find inspiration and motivation in the Champion’s Mojo Podcast, a weekly podcast for the swimming community, offering in-depth interviews with the most elite Swimmers and Coaches in the sport and with other experts and Champion’s to help you reach peak performances in sports and life.

Here is one of the shows for July you’re sure to love! The older swimmers will often see Sarah in the lap lane at UVAC getting her own workout in during their practice.  Sarah is an inspiration.  Click link above to listen.

What you’ll hear: Choosing gratitude over fear is what helps Sarah embrace the tough moments and reach heightened success. Sarah also discusses training, mindset and warding off depression.

Why it matters: You’ll be inspired by Sarah’s great tips for success and how gratitude, instead of fear drives her forward. And if you, or someone you know suffers from depression, you’ll want to listen.

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