Crockpot Meals for the Win!

When it comes to being super busy and trying to figure out dinners for the week, it can be exhausting. One tool in the kitchen that helps is using a Crockpot. Finding healthy recipes or making up your own is fun to do. Using a Crockpot saves a lot of time and unneeded stress to the week. What helps is getting all the ingredients at the beginning of the week for your planned meals, cooking in the morning before you head to work, and having it ready to eat later on when you come home from work. Not only do you get dinners, but you also get lunch for the next day as well! It saves so much time and money. It helps to keep you on track of eating consistently healthy. Having healthy food ready to get warmed up beats buying overpriced and/or (un)healthy food.

3 Healthy Recipes
Seasoned Chicken, Potatoes, and Green Beans
Roast with Vegetables
Mediterranean Stew – vegetarian


By: Alan Hernandez

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