Healthy and Fit Lecture Series

Healthy and Fit Lecture Series

Brought to you by BE Fit Physical Therapy and the UVAC Personal Training staff. Second Wednesday of the Month @ 7:15pm in the Group Exercise Studio. Come dressed to exercise. Please RSVP to confirm availability with BE Fit Physical Therapy 802-359-7400 or [email protected]

Wednesday, October 9 @ 7:15pm
HIIT me with your best shot: Fundamentals of High Intensity Training
A workshop focused on the how’s and why’s behind HIIT. Learn where to start, or how to continue your high intensity interval training HIIT program with UVAC personal trainers.

Wednesday, November 13 @ 7:15pm 
Ski Workouts for Cross Country and Alpine
Avoid that early-season soreness or injury by learning about common pitfalls. Learn exercises designed to train up those skiing muscles you may have been neglecting all year, with Kevin Stanton, DPT.

Wednesday, December 11 @ 7:15pm 
Keiser Functional Training
Learn about the Keiser Functional Trainer, a multi-functional machine that can be used for many different exercises, ranging from rehabilitation to sports-specific applications with UVAC personal trainers.

Wednesday, January 8 @7:15pm 
Strength Training for Young Adults
Learn different age-related exercises and considerations for strength training for the younger body with Samuel Stokes, DPT.

Wednesday, February 12 @7:15pm 
Rowing 101
Rowing can serve as a cross-training for runners, cyclists, and swimmers just as well as it can become your primary cardio and full-body workout. Learn with UVAC personal trainers.

Wednesday, March 11 @7:15pm 
Running Injury Free: How to Beat the Odds
Learn about common training pitfalls, current thinking about running form and alignment, and exercises you can do to reduce the likelihood of running injuries, with Eric Ellingson, MSPT.

Wednesday, April 8 @7:15pm Group Exercise Studio 
Intro to TRX Total Body Resistance Exercise
An effective tool for a full-body workout focused on strength, balance, and flexibility. Learn about TRX Total Suspension Training, with UVAC personal trainers.

Wednesday, May 13 @7:15pm 
Taping Techniques
Learn about different types of tape and what each of them are designed to do, as well as how they might help you manage pain or injury, with David Barlow, DPT.

Wednesday, June 10 @7:15pm 
Weightlifting: Olympic, Squats, and Deadlifts
Learn how to safely squat, deadlift and bench press with UVAC personal trainers to get the most out of your strength training.  

Wednesday, July 8 @7:15pm 
Pelvic Floor Health
Learn about the causes of incontinence, how to obtain optimal bowel and bladder habits and practice exercises that strengthen and support the pelvic floor with Betsy Ogden, PT and Jenny Armstrong, Pilates personal trainer.

Wednesday, August 12 @ 7:15pm 
Stop, Drop, and Roll out: All About Foam Rolling
Learn how to use self-myofascial release to reduce muscle tension, improve mobility, and reduce workout-related soreness with UVAC personal trainers.

Wednesday, September 9 @ 7:15pm
Hip and Knee Joint Replacement
Have all your questions answered about these procedures, including proper surgery preparation and post-operative rehabilitation with Bayley LeCours, DPT.